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Our Story

Etnix was originally created in the year 2001 by Andras and Niki world travellers born to bohemian artistic families and originally from Budapest the beautiful capital of Hungary. They have been fortunate to call sunny Byron Bay and Australia their home for the last two decades. Bringing up their little twin girls in such a wonderful, healthy and inspirational environment has been a blessing.

Niki who is self-thought, designs all the new clothing and leather accessories and Andras takes care of the shop in Byron as well as the online customer service. We have two labels now Etnix and Nikko. Both are created by Niki and Andras.


“Be Truly Yourself . Don`t be into trends, don`t allow fashion to own you. Decide who you are, and what you wish to express by what you wear and how you live. Open your heart and the rest will follow.”

As a couple, parents and designers they are constantly evolving, re-creating, re-inventing themselves and their label Etnix

Niki says: “When I let go and I just sit in our studio and i take the pencil in my hand in front of my sketch pad : I feel nature all around me and the creative force just guides me , provides me with all the inspiration I need to help me you design and create.

Our home away from home Bali, Indonesia

Our collections are designed here locally in Byron Bay Australia and our production team and second home is on the sacred island of Bali in Indonesia where we live half the time. We have been working with Antu, Ketut and Nirma our master tailors for over a decade. We are co-workers but most importantly friends and like family. We have been to their weddings , watched their children grow and visit their traditional family home daily when we are in Bali.






A small part of our production is made in India in the holy village of Pushkar in Rajasthan.






All the materials are sustainably sourced and most of the production uses organic cotton. Our dyes are natural based and our staff well paid. We believe in equal distribution of wealth, in complete fairness and absolute transparency. Our label Etnix and Nikko are based on these principles.

Our home in Australia,
Byron Bay

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